What am I doing Now

Last updated on July 21, 2023 from Edmonton, Alberta



  • - Technology - Golang, Postgres, Supabase
  • - Language - Italian
  • - Rabbit Hole - Consciousness & Theology


  • - Getting a hang of being a dad to my daughter
  • - Hitting the gym Mon-Sat
  • - Trying to be entirely, authentically, unapologetically Joshua
  • - In the midst of starting up a dad orientated podcast
  • - Distilling our own water
  • - Conceiving of our escape
  • - Picking up the guitar again - have to get the neck rebalanced on my les paul
  • - Writing on my Blog
  • - Growing my following on Twitter and Instagram



I have as of lately understood that I am to go beyond and above my current career path and to use my talents and mindset to help a lot of people. If I can help just one person see his or her potential, it will have been a massive success.

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