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About Joshua

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Last Updated July 10, 2024

Welcome to my little place on the ever expanding universe we refer to as the internet.

Me in 10 seconds

I am a walking paraplegic, father, entrepreneur, and author.

I value depth of connection, work, love, and of purpose. Minimalst in many things, maximalist in a select few. Passionate about privacy, freedom, open technology, and creating a solarpunk future.

Born and raised in Edmonton, Canada. Now a citizen of the world with my little family.

Me in 10 Minutes

I grew up playing high-level hockey as a goaltender, represented Canada in Europe, and probably got my individualistic/lone wolf tendencies from it.

At the age of twenty, I had a life changing accident that caused me to re-evaluate all the things that I thought I knew about who I was, where I was going, and well, all of life in general. I was forced to reinvent myself, and have been doing so ever since.

I started creating websites in 2014, first for small businesses, and then for various projects that I wanted to build, as well as releasing some of my writing to the world.

I am a father to a wonderful one year old, and life continually gets better once becoming a parent. I honestly don’t think that anything I did up until that defining moment of becoming a father really mattered at all.

A little more about me:

I love learning, perhaps to a fault

If there is a rabbit hole for me to fall down, I will be found at the bottom. It is to a fault, as I often put social interaction on the back burner, as well as my sanity. In the past it has led me to some strange and wonderful places, but I wouldn’t be using Linux, working with technologies, or even drinking tea without the drive to dive in.

I read, a lot

Generally a bad year for me is 25 books, last year I read 42.

Freedom has always been a Northern Star

I make nearly all of my decisions so that I won’t be locked into a geographic location, time zone, or single opportunity.

There is also nothing more that I hate than the idea that there should be any person that rules over any other people. The only regulator should be God above, and any person in a place of authority should have Him as their sole advisor.

I created Labrynth for this very reason. The goal was to get people free of big tech monopolies and to get them to a place where they value their data.

We all Follow Something

At one point in my life, I thought that I was following “myself”, but really, I was following the whims of the world, or the fleshly desires of a man that doesn’t understand what this all is.

The only person to follow is Christ, I did not understand this until I did.

I design life for Focus

I hate the smartphone culture in which there is underlying noise and distraction in everything. Everywhere we go, people are craning their necks to look at the little box attached to their hand.

I have started leaving my phone at home for most of my outings, and it has been a breath of fresh air. I write about smartphone addiction and social media use here and here.

Seek Truth

Not “your truth”.

Not “half truths” that are true only when conditions are perfect, or that are continually changing with the winds of sentiment.

Not “relative truth” where there cannot be concrete objectivity because everyone’s feelings and perceptions are valid.

The Truth. All else is meaningless in the long run.

I am Nomadic

Living in one place for too long feels stifling for me, I could never live the rest of my life in one city and travel for the two alloted weeks per year my company /allowed me to./

This year, we are realizing this and have no plans of renewing our lease in Edmonton - we are booking a one way ticket and going from there.

Interestingly enough, I chose real estate as my initial career out of college; but never owned a home, nor have any desire to. So, I created a way for people to sell their homes for cheap.

I love to be alone (with people)

After about 3 hours in a social setting, I long to be alone once more where I can be in my own head, creating things, reading from the greatest minds that ever lived, and praying.

This is probably a fault of mine, but I realized it early on in my twenties when I was in the hospital bed, I love being alone. It was probably the single event that turned me into an introvert the most. Prior, I would have been considered extroverted, and that is why I don’t believe in these silly labels, because they are entirely situational.

I love being around people that make me feel lifted up and having deep, meaningful conversations, however this is increasingly rare with people, and difficult to find. It really only happens in one-on-one situations, too.

I am what most would call “Minimalist”

Although I don’t love the term, I don’t own much. Most stuff ties you down and creates more “mind baggage” than it is worth. The moment you make your goal to own stuff, you lose creativity and ability to pivot, because now you have “something to lose”.

The things that I own get use everyday (or every week at worst) and once they don’t, they are on the chopping block in my next “purge”.

This allows me to focus more on that which matters - family, creating, and God.

I am looking for my people

As much as I value my relationships back home, there is a massive world that I know there are others like me, and that is why I write on this site and create the things that I create; to find these people that resonate.

I truly believe that the internet, if used correctly, can create amazing friendships that are just as close as those made in person.

So, if what I say hits home with you, do not hesitate to send me an email anytime.

A few notes:

If you find any internal [[broken links]] that are formatted like this, it means that I plan to write about a topic in the future but have not had the time as of yet. Feel free to bug me via email about it!