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My Mobile Office Setup (2024)
·839 words·4 mins
Technology Productivity
Taking my workstation along with me has never been easier and I am blessed to have the ability to use a perfectly ergonomic setup wherever I may be on Earth.
The work you do is your testimony
·373 words·2 mins
Laziness takes a back seat when you start to see the work that you are called to do as your vocation, your calling, and your way of praising The Almighty.
Documentation Solves All Problems
·378 words·2 mins
Computers Productivity Work
If you do something once, you should be able to very easily do it again.
Migrating to Hugo from NextJS
·304 words·2 mins
Go Development Hugo
After four years of running NextJS as my primary blog and development framework, I am making the hop to Hugo.
Not All is Material
·416 words·2 mins
Christianity Science
When you look around, all you will likely “see” is material.
The Theory of Everything was Solved
·683 words·4 mins
Christianity Science
The theory of everything has been solved since the arrival of Jesus Christ on Earth 2024 years ago.
Making it is wanting nothing
·650 words·4 mins
The richest person is not the one who has the most, but the one who needs the least.
Migrate Password Store to a New GPG Key
·633 words·3 mins
Technology Security
It has been a few years since I looked at my GPG keys, and the security defaults have since shifted greatly!
Infinite Energy
·398 words·2 mins
The human being is the fabled “perpetual motion machine”.
Comfort is a lie
·428 words·3 mins
While we were away last month, I felt better than I had in probably a year’s time.