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The Everyday Carry Sling Bag

I recently made a foray into the ever evolving metrosexual space of sling bags.

This move came for a few reasons, but mostly that I was carrying more and more in my pockets daily and ran into issues with space. I like to be “the __ guy” - ie. the bottle opener guy, flashlight guy, etc. and this isn’t really possible in the modern pants era (especially in dress pants). I know women have been complaining for some time, and Ladies Rejoice! It seems gender equality is upon us in the pants storage space.


Enter the sling bag solution.

I needed something that wasn’t huge, was stylish with all sorts of dress codes (minus suits, I don’t think you can really pull this off with a suit), and doubled as a fanny - I like to wear one at the gym and for certain activities.

What I settled on was the Aer City Sling. It is now my defacto carry with me everywhere bag.

This is not to say that if I require only essential items (phone, keys, and wallet), I don’t take them out of the bag and just carry them (into a business meeting where I don’t need a Leatherman, for example), but the bag stays in the car.

For those of you asking, that’s a Hero Clip Mini on the bag, I use it to carry my water bottle and hang the bag on stuff.

So, What’s in the Bag?

I’ve always liked these EDC videos/posts, so here’s my take on one.

I’ll break down the bag into the essentials and then my things that make this such a great carry all, how else would I carry all of this stuff on my person?

The Essentials

Phone (Usually on body in Right Pocket)

  1. Google Pixel 5

    If you follow me, you know that I am a bit of a tin foil hatter.

    This phone seems like the best medium between security, privacy, and utility.

    No, I am not running Google’s Android on it, I have a custom ROM on the hardware.

    Case is a Spigen liquid armor case, and the phone is condomed up in screen and camera protectors.

    Pro tip: keep some money in the case, just in case (that's some punnage right there.)


  1. Ridgewallet Clone

    Costs about $17 on Amazon, and holds as many cards as you really need. Money clip included.

    Holding up well after a year of use.


Only interesting thing I have on my keys is a Kensington Lock key for locking up my laptop at coffeeshops.

The Every Days



  1. Leatherman Wave

    I use this thing more than you would think possible. It has everything you would need for light use, and has saved me in a pinch many a time.


  1. Oneplus Buds Z

    I can respect Airpod Pros, but I also didn’t want to spend a ton of money for something that seems to break on me after about 3 months of use. These are true wireless and cost less than $60 Canadian.


  1. Brass Zippo with Butane Insert

    I like candles and seem to light them every evening when relaxing. Butane is faster and looks dope.


  1. Streamlight ProTac

    Great light, I used to carry around a microstream but wanted something a little beefier.

Pen and Notebook

  1. Moleskin Cahier and Uniball Jetstream

    Sometimes physical notes are where it’s at for explaining and drawing things out.


  1. Sandisk Extreme Pro

    I have always carried a Flashdrive around since University. Sometimes the best way to transfer files is simply to plug in a usb drive and be on your way.

    This one is super fast, I believe the fastest flashdrive in the world.


  1. Plantronic Earpiece

    I don’t hold my phone up to my ear, I prefer to look like an Uber driver.

Business Cards

  1. Card holder from Amazon

    I keep 10 or so cards on me to hand out to prospective clients or partners.


  1. Less essential now, thank God.

The Nice to Haves

nice to have

Beard Comb

  1. Chicago Comb No. 1

    Carbon Fiber and super durable. I love this thing and use it every day to keep the beard looking tidy.

Hand Sanitizer

I always ask the girlfriend for this when we’re out, so might as well carry one around myself.

Deck of Cards

  1. Black waterproof cards

    I’ve been learning card tricks and flourishes to entertain myself and others. These are an ultimate fidget tool and look dope.


  1. Kobo Clara HD

    I love e-readers and kobo is the king. Don’t @ me on this one.

    So much better than a Kindle in numerous ways.

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