Things I Use

Updated February 10, 2024


  • Laptop: One of various Thinkpads

    I travel with a t14s gen3 as it is most portable/powerful, x230 or t430 (both with x20 modded keyboards) at home and for writing in coffeeshops.

  • Desktop: R7 5900x, 32GB RAM, 3080 - in server rack
  • Keyboard: Custom Chocofi 36 key
  • Microphone: Shure SM7B with DM1 Dynamite/Scarlett Solo interface
  • Mouse: Logitech MX Ergo Trackball
  • Camera: Sony A7IV
  • Phone: Google Pixel 5
  • E-reader: Kobo Clara HD



  • OS: Arch linux
  • WM and Environment: BSPWM/SXHKD/Polybar/Dunst/Rofi Nowhere Setup
  • Emacs: Doom using Org-mode/Org-Calendar/ERC/EMMS/Elfeed/LaTeX
  • Email: MU4E
  • Browsers: Firefox Developer Edition w/ various mitigations or Qutebrowser

    Brave for normie stuff (soycial media/youtube) - less and less these days

  • Terminal: Alacritty with tmux at startup
  • Neovim: Default editor and quick edits
  • Zathura: PDF Reader
  • Gajim: XMPP
  • OBS Studio: Recording
  • ffmpeg/mpv/various scripts: Video Editing
  • GIMP: Image edits
  • Transmission: torrent client


  • OS: Debian and OpenBSD as Bastion
  • Golang Backend services/APIs
  • NextJS/HTMX Frontend
  • Postgres Database
  • NGINX Loadbalencing and subdomains


  • OS: CalyxOS
  • Cal DAVx
  • Conversations: XMPP Client
  • Signal/Telegram/Silence: Communications
  • Fairemail: email client
  • Full list of apps here


  • Mailgun: Email send/transactions
  • Vultr: VPS Hosting
  • Namecheap: Domain Registration