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Back At It

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Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais

After over a month off, I am back at it.

I had a lot of life events over the month, namely the birth of my daughter and subsequent stay in the NICU as she got stronger and ready to come home. She is doing phenomenally well and keeping us on our toes as we transition into becoming ‘real’ parents (I could ’turn off’ being a dad for a few hours a day while she was in the hospital, but now it’s a full time gig!)

We are going to hit 2023 with some crazy intensity: I have the goal of launching numerous apps and finish my debut book, Mountain. I will be working on the phsyical, mental, and spiritual progress I have made over the past year - and there will be little time to waste; I have no time to waste as a father. I aim to make use of every single second.

So, come along for the ride!

Here’s to a great 2023 for you and yours.