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20000 days

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Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais

Let me put this into perspective:

Every day matters. A decade is just a string of 3,650 days. And, if you are 30 years old reading this right now - You have 20,000 days left to live.

Probably far less than that.

You could be walking across the street tomorrow and boom it is all over. We don’t get to control the day that we leave this physical existence.

What will you do with your days?

We don’t realize that we have so little time here on Earth. We cannot conceive of time because it is liquid - It ebbs and flows with who we are with, what we are doing (if we enjoy it or not), and it seems to speed up as we get older.

Don’t you remember how a day could feel like a whole year when you were a child? But now, a day feels like an hour.

I want you to meditate on this fact - you are dying.

You will one day, no longer be here. You need to right now become the person that you want to be. There is no patience in life: you need to move with conviction, with grace, and with purpose. You need to take action in this very minute.

Because this minute, and the one following it, the one following that, all off into eternity matter

If you’ve been waiting on something to happen - on that perfect opportunity - here is your sign that you need to act now. You might not get a chance to do it in the future. Procrastination is the absolute thief of your future self - the thief of the future happiness that you are deserved of.

Your time is running out.

If you do not enjoy what you are doing right now - quit. If you see no purpose in it, move on.

You do not have time. The world does not need more people working pointless jobs. If you are getting fat sitting at a desk pushing paper and logging in and out of Facebook before your employer can see - I am sorry: you will be replaced. Then what?

If you are not creating something - step out of line. Go build something that will touch the hearts and souls of others.

There is nothing more desperate or more sad than someone that works a bullshit, meaningless job.

This is a wake up call to all those that are sleeping.

Find your purpose NOW.

Get out of your slumber NOW.

Leave that go-nowhere relationship NOW.

Find depth NOW.

Live NOW.

See you on the other side.