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Attract What You Are

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Mindset Spirituality
Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais

Here is THE rule for growth in life:

Become Who you Want to be Surrounded By.

What do I mean by that?


We attract what we truly are into our lives.

So, by becoming what you want in your life, you attract the people, things, and experiences that resonate with the person you are. Take a look around you at your friends, your girlfriend or boyfriend, those that you work with, and your network. Are they who you want to be like? If yes, you probably already know the phenomenon of which I speak. If not, let me explain further:

If we are lazy, we attract lazy people and tendencies into our lives. If you are broke with no ambition, you will likely be surrounded by the same type of person. If you value fitness and health, you will be surrounded by people that value exercise and health. If you are the intellectual type, your group of friends will be as well. If you are a person that believes in God and eternal life, your friends will too.

No man is an island unto himself. In order to accomplish big things, there is a team involved, and that team is a reflection of himself.

Great leaders understand this - they set the example and lead from the front, and that attracts like-minded individuals to join the team, get inspired, and band together to create the collective vision.

Perhaps you’re not where you quite want to be just yet in your life. I have good news:

This wonderful truth also works in the reverse - Surround yourself by what you want to Be

If you want to be successful, you should surround yourself with that kind of person. If you want to be fit, again, surround yourself with people that are into fitness.

If all of your friends are 9 to 5ers, yet you want to be someone that breaks into entrepreneurship, how are you going to do so without the push of those that have done it, or are currently doing it?

It is less about where a person is and more about where they are going.

If you are an incredibly hard worker, eventually, people take notice and your network improves. This is inevitable, because the energy you put out into the universe is always matched.

We rise or lower ourselves to the occasion and environments we put ourselves into. I witnessed it time and time again in hockey - when the team was ON, everyone was ON. When the team mailed it in, everyone did.

You create a world in which you live where there is only the values and things that you accept in it. Only the people that you want to exist within that world. Everything else is noise, a distraction from your own personal YOUtopia.

There will never be Utopia, only YOUtopia.

In my own:

I do not hang out with people that are lazy, going nowhere. I do not spend time with people that would rather gossip than talk about ideas and creating things. I do not talk about people. I do not complain, and as such, complaining is not allowed around me. I do not value meaningless things - those that talk about meaningless things don’t last long in my life. I do not get angry easily, and I don’t spend time with people that do.

I value passion. I value helping others. I value giving a second chance. I value hard, meaningful work. I value creating. I value the pursuit of excellence. I value God, and the universal consciousness.

Attract the people that you are by becoming all that you can be. Watch as the Universe conforms to you, and gives you everything you ever wanted.