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Burnout is not real

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Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais

Burnout is not real.

What is real is you lack passion in what you are doing.

If you were doing the things you were meant to be doing there would never be any sort of “burnout” in your life. If you were gaining energy from the activities, because you felt as if you were making a massive difference in the lives of other people, and seeing the results of your efforts, you would never get tired of doing what you were doing.

Simple as that.

Anyone that tells you that he is “burning out” is simply doing the things that he was not meant for. It does not matter how much money he is making, or the perceived difference he is making, if he feels as if the activity that he is undertaking is not his highest calling, his Northern Star, he will absolutely burn out.

If you were, your torch would be lighting the way for all those around you.

I used to play hockey year round because it was what lit my soul on fire for the better part of a decade. I would play a season in which I was on the ice 5-6 times per week, then I would spend my summer training and training other kids. I was on the ice a grand total of about 20-30 hours a week in those days.


There is infinite energy in the thing you love to do, the feeling of “tiredness” is actually a lack of passion, not being tired.

There are people that play guitar for 10 hours per day, because they are guided by passion, there are people that code, or create business, or write, or sing, or converse, or what have you without any external idea of what being “tired” is - because they do not allow the limitations of other people to apply to them.

Ask any new parent: do you “burn out of being a parent?” They’ll laugh in your face.

I wrote all of this on less than a couple hours of sleep. The passion is what drives me, I have the infinite energy hack.