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Comfort is a lie

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Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais

While we were away last month, I felt better than I had in probably a year’s time.

It probably had something to do with the continual walking, being outside all the time, and eating food that wasn’t sprayed with glyphosate. But, one of the biggest differences was that every single bed we slept on was rock hard.

A little unbecoming and something I didn’t think I’d get used to, after the second night, I never looked back. Interestingly, I had not felt better waking up in the morning in a long time. The aches and pains, the shoulder tension, the knots all seemed to be melting away.

Returning to the tempurpedic matress at home, I could tell that I was in for a world of hurt. After just a few days back, the pain was right back where it was, and I started to sleep intermittedly on the floor to keep it at bay.

As human beings, we seek out comfort, only to have it to be to our detriment each and every time.

Comfort is a false sense of security, one which falls away rapidly when put to the test in any meaningful way. Every time that I’ve skipped the gym, I have not been better for it, it has allowed my joints to harden, my muscles to tighten, and my endurance to suffer. I succumbed to comfort, to the thing that was easy, and I payed the price.

We are not meant for a life of comfort. We are meant to suffer, to feel, to harden the body and soften the soul to the Truth.

In seeking comforts, we distract ourselves from the fact that we will one day be slapped in the face with discomfort. Better to prepare for that day then to be taken by surprise when it inevitably does come.

We are supposed to want the perfect house with the perfect furniture, the perfect temperature in the shower every morning, the perfect bed, the perfect whatever. It only costs $x,xxx per month to keep up that lifestyle!

I cannot be bothered for this anymore. Give me the two-by-four bed, give me the floor, give me the freezing shower, give me the struggle.

For in this struggle, a very strange thing happens.

We become grateful all the same.

We pray to God and thank Him for the sunshine and the rain. They are the same, they are only meant to bring us closer to the Truth, to understand who we are, and to find true comfort.

Of which can only be found in God.