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A Week of Creativity

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Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais

For one week, I want you to give up all forms of consumption.

No podcasts, no books, no movies, no television shows, no social media, no music.

Does that sound like hell to you?

That’s because you are not okay with being bored. You are not creating enough.

For this whole week, I want you to only put out into the Universe, to create, and to build.

Sure, you can still have conversations with other people, but I would hesitate to allow outside ideas inside.

You are too focused on externalities.

You care what other people think.

That is why you are not putting things out into the world - Because someone might judge them.

You are AFRAID.

So, kill that fear and record a video. Or write. Or post. Or build. Or code. Or make art.

You are the only person holding yourself back from doing this.

The issue most of you face is that you cannot be alone with your thoughts. You have lost your sense of creativity because you have had it BEATEN out of you by the society in which you live.

We are ALL creators. If you are a human being, the Universal fact is that you have a piece of God within you, and what is God? He is the Creator.

You’ve just forgotten.

You have the power to bring a child into the world, you have the ability to build a building, to build a business, to write, to draw, to paint, to create music and art.

Some of you think that is for ’other people’ when you don’t understand that you simply ARE ’other people’. You are everyone. So, instead of being distracted by the latest news story about that celebrity, or that event, start seeing your creative thoughts and then ACT UPON THEM.

As a child you were able to do all of this. You simply have forgotten.

So, like the Bible says, become like that Child again - and enter the Kingdom of Heaven.