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Get the Preface to Mountain

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Writing Spirituality
Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais

The Preface to my Book, Mountain: A Field Guide to Summiting Life is available for everyone to download!

You can shoot me an email directly to and I will send you a copy. I am working on a subscription form that will automatically send you the preface upon subscribing to this blog as well.

I have sent the preface to dozens of people already, and the feedback is overwhelming. I thank each and every one of you that have been so kind as to give it a read. I’m not saying that it’s any good, but it has made some people tear up, which is my goal with laying my soul on the page.

The full book will be released on November 9th, and will be what I would refer to as a “living document” - it will be continually updated, and a community around the book is the endgoal, where I answer questions and give you, the reader, what you want.

Not only this, but the goal is not to charge money for the book - but to have you donate whatever you may feel the book is worth to you.

Thank you to everyone that has pre-ordered the book - I am stoked that people feel my story resonates with them, and I hope that I will get to know each and every one of my readers in the future.