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Mindset Spirituality
Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais

There is thinking

Then there is believing

Then there is KNOWING

Knowing god

There are levels to intelligence and the highest state is to be knowing of something.

To have unquestioning resolve in that thought, taking it first from a thought, to believing in the thought, and finally crystallizing it to Knowledge. Gnosis.

For some people, they believe that truth is subjective. But this is not the case. There is truth and then there is Truth with a capital T.

You should Seek to Know in all things in this lifetime. To seek the Truth.

There is knowledge that you can get only from the depths of your dreams, and from the depth of your subconsciousness. You must not be afraid of going to that place in which you can glean this information. Most people will never know anything - because they can be swayed this way or that by popular opinion, they are unable to think for themselves. They listen to the talking heads. They are one with the consensus.

Even those that practice ‘science’ are not seeking Truth. Much of modern science is seeking pats on the back rather than real break through.

Much of our modern world is shrouded in lies. It is smoke and mirrors - it is purposely misleading because those that KNOW can profit off of you not Knowing. The Masters of the Universe as it were are able to mislead the Lambs to the Slaughter. Having those that do not think for themselves guided to places in which the Masters Gain and You Lose.

They need you. Not the other way around.

You are a battery in the machination of the Matrix. You are the energy source on which they feast. You have simply forgotten WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE.

Find the knowledge that is being censored. It is as simple as asking ‘why’ when you are told something is a certain way.

When everyone is going one direction, ask why.

“Hmm, why would they want me to eat fake meat?”

“Hmm, why would they want me to not raise a family?”

“Hmm, why would they push an agenda in which everyone needs a QR code to go anywhere?”

“Hmm, why would they want cars to be driverless and electrified?”

Perhaps knowing is simply doing the opposite of the masses in most circumstance.

Because the masses are not happy, healthy, or successful.

Most don’t love what they do. Most don’t want to think for themselves. Most want to be led. Most find no passion in what they do daily - they work for money instead of love.

Know that there is more. That you hold this power to knowledge in your soul. All you must do is seek it, and you will find.