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Let it be known

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Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais

Let it be known that forever forward on this timeline, I AM reborn in the image of Christ. I AM reborn in the image of the one True God.

I AM Joshua.

Held in the highest regard of what I AM. A reverence of self and all.

I have found bliss in everyday life.

When you find bliss in even the most mundane you will find it everywhere you turn. You will find it in breathing. In Being.

It is no secret that you can attain this knowledge through chemical means. But, once it has been seen, you must chase that state of Being. You must understand that every single moment is Heaven.

And - you are fully capable in this human existence, this snap of the fingers in Time to find that.

You must no longer be distracted.

Let go of all lust of the Heart. All undisciplined thought. All sadness. All doubt.

No longer hold anxieties, or regrets, or worries, or fears. Heed not the words of any man.

Go into silence. Forget time, forget space.

You must no longer look Outside.

You must seek Within.

Your soul awaits - Your Highest Self awaits.