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Money is not real. Here is what is.

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Money Mindset
Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais

Money isn’t real.

Value is.

Although most of humanity is obsessed with “getting that bag” - the truth is that money is a construct on which we have agreed. And, the “value” of money is not consistent. Those that have sold their soul to the dollar bill have effectively sold their soul for nothing because that is the intrinsic value of money. All fiat currency goes to zero on a long enough time frame.

So, we can know that when we are talking to someone that values money - that person values Nothing at all.

That person is lost.

What if instead, we were to value the value? What if you were to create things that helped other people (remember, everyone is just like you) to live a better life, to solve problems that we all face, and to help each and everyone to find what it is that they are looking for? What if you were to help others achieve their goals and aims?

Well then, you need not worry about money!

You would have more than enough, as you began to touch more people in need, helping them in your capacity. The money would be an after thought.

And, you are capable in your own way of creating this value for others. Because we were put here for a reason. Find that reason, find the way of creating value based on that reason, and all of a sudden, the money has been made as consequence of value creation.

You probably already know what it is that you can do to help others.

So, do it!

Because money never was real - it was always a byproduct of being valuable to others.