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My International Packing List

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Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais

As a professional vagabond - I travel tremendously light.

Last year, we spent nearly a month between Europe and Toronto for a friend’s wedding. Both Rebecca and I each took a single carry on and a backpack for the whole trip where we included a suit, 3 pairs of shoes each, dresses, and enough clothes to get us by for the entire time we were away.

It was the most liberating thing in the whole world: no waiting for luggage, worrying about it getting lost/stolen/broken, and lugging huge suitcases around. Were I to do it again, I would probably have brought less, as well as not used a rolling bag - it’s not so easy to roll around on cobblestones and broken sidewalks.

Here’s what I took to Montreal on our most recent trip:


Wandrd Prvke 31

Duffle Bag

Aer city sling (Inside duffle if TSA gives me flack)

Why I don’t use a roller bag

I have used roller bags in the past, the issue with them is that if you come across any rocky, or cobllestone roads, you will have a hard time. I personally believe that carrying is better overall, if you are physically capable of it. Now that we have our daughter and a stroller to bring, rolling bags just cause more issues than they are worth.

One lesson I learned is if you have a waist strap for your backpack, it is very worth using it as it takes a lot of the stress on your shoulders off.



1 Pair Jeans

1 Pair dress joggers

1 Pair Workout joggers (wear on plane)

2 pairs of Shorts

Belt for dress up/down


White dressier minimalist shoe

Everyday white shoe for walking

  • You can wear white shoes everywhere and for any occasion if you keep them clean. Black minimalist shoes would work here too, just they are not as dressy/classy as white.


Hoodie (worn on plane)

Uniqlo flannel shirt (worn over hoodie on plane)

Under garments

Enough underwear for 1 wk

Socks for 1 wk + 1 dress pair


Dress shirt (didn’t wear)

2x polo (only wore one of the two)

5 T-shirts


Camera Gear

Sony A7iv

  1. Two batteries for this camera

Sony ZV-1

DJI mavic mini 3 pro - Battery in drone (Didn’t get to fly)

DJI Action 3

Rode wireless go system

Deity D4 Mini Mic

Ulanzi tiny carbon tripod

Ulanzi Pro Strap


Thinkpad T14s

Samsung 2TB rugged SSD

Card reader for micro/standard SD cards


65w GAN charger

USB-C cables x2 (1 C to C and 1 A to C)

Micro USB cable

Kobo clara hd E-reader


Phillips Trimmer

Safety razor (buy blades when arriving - I have had zero issue bringing them accidentally in my carry on (not in razor, in box) but don’t recommend that)

Contacts/extra contacts/Solution

Sonicare Toothbrush



Atomizer w/ scent



Travelling with a Baby

Admittedly, we did check one bag for Rebecca and our 8 month old. But, as she gets older, I see the validity of taking big suitcases with us less and less (starting to eat regular food, less stuff needed). We took her stroller as a carry-on, I had my two bags, and my wife had the diaper bag with all the stuff for changing/feeding our daughter on the plane.

Moving around the world, Establishing a Homebase

If you are moving your self from location to location, a checked bag will likely be within the wheelhouse. Big bag to homebase that you are building, then carry-on only to the various satellite locations. We are planning on going to Portugal in January, so will check big bags to Porto or Lisbon, establish a homebase, and then move around Europe from there.

I will write articles in the future regarding establishing a homebase for perpetual travel.

Some resources to get you started:


This packing list easily got me through a week in Montreal. I was able to wear the shirts multiple times, and I would wash my clothes if I needed to extend the trip indefinitely. There was nothing that I was lacking, and I didn’t use all of the camera gear, would have loved to fly the drone around Old Port, next time.

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