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Set a Timer

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Productivity Focus
Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais

With various new social media channels coming online where you can waste more of your ever-shortening life, let me recommend a way that you can break free from the strangle hold that these apps are designed to have on you:

Set a timer for 90 minutes.

Get to work.

Do not touch your phone (unless you are TRULY working on it).

Once that timer is up, you may reach for your device for 5 minutes.


Work your way up to 4 uninterrupted blocks per day (6 hours of focus)

The truth is that you must be a Nazi with your time. If you are not, you will be dragged everywhere the wind blows.

You can get more done in this 90 minute block than most people get done in an entire day. Now imagine 6 of these blocks!