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Pascals wager was wrong

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Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais

The presupposition with Pascal’s wager is that living life from a Christian perspective is a “sacrifice” in the short term, but in the long term (read: eternity) you get the reward from that sacrifice in Heaven.

You “give up” the short term pleasures (ie. sins) and live a life “dead to the world”.

But, if you have ever lived this life, you will know that it is no trade off.

Living life from a Christian perspective is not a sacrifice in the slightest.

It is a purification and sanctification back to childhood. Back to being able to feel once more.

If you live in the world and are of the world - you will desensitize yourself to all things. You will become addicted to the various hedonic treadmills, hopping on one, only to hop off onto another. Not only this, but you will find NO FULFILLMENT in this life without God - you will chase shiny object after shiny object, the tail wagging the dog in each and every pursuit. You will keep trying to fill the God shaped hole with all things that are not Him. You will think that money, or fame, or objects, or lust, or (insert vice here) is him but you will be idolizing a FALSE GOD.

You will feel DEAD INSIDE. Because you ARE. Your soul is crying out, it is saying “cease this meaningless idea of what a life is”. It is saying “come home.”

And yet you play in the mud, day after day, hoping that it will lead you to life.

There is no trade off. You either get eternal life in Heaven, or you have eternal life while you are still breathing in this life. You either get Hell on Earth, and then you die; or you get hell for eternity after that hell on Earth.

Pascal’s wager was wrong from the outset. It presupposed that you had to give something up to walk with Christ.

When in fact:

You were giving up nothing to get everything.