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Show, dont tell

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Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais

Here’s a million dollar tip to those that would offer their products or services to me (or anyone) via cold outreach.

Show me what you can do.

I cannot count how many times I have had someone reach out and tell me about their service, about how great they could build my website (clearly not seeing that the site in question is consistently updated), or get me more business via lead gen services, or get me more followers, or, or, or.

I don’t care about what you say you can do

Show me what you’re doing, and show me how indispensable you or your service is.

I have personally done this myself dozens of times.

I reach out to someone, having already built them the beginning of a program or site, and show them what I have made for them. They are either interested or they are not. What’s great is all you have to do is reach out to other people in the same industry, and someone will take the service or product you are providing. So, I spend a little time upfront, creating a minimum viable product for the potential client, and 1. gain skill in the thing I am wanting to sell, and 2. inevitably make a sale either to my initial target or a competitor in the industry.

Stop telling me what you’re going to do.

Do it

Then, you may ask me to buy it. If it’s good, and makes my life easier or more seamless, I probably will.


I am not worried about people using this methodology and competing with me - most are completely lazy and cannot be bothered to go above and beyond. If you actually do take this to heart, show me what you can do via email. I want to meet you.