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The Magic Hour

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Productivity Work
Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais

If you want to change how you look at time, break it down.

A lifetime is inconcievable for a human being, a year seems like a long time, and a week (especially when we’re waiting for something) can feel as long as that year.

We don’t get to decide what happens tomorrow. You can plan, but plans change in an instant, they grow, the mutate, they turn into something entirely different.

The only unit of time that you can control is the Now.

Whatever you are doing in this moment, you can control that.

So, I have devised the plan to change your life, and it is called the Magic Hour.

The concept is simple. Turn off your phone, leave it in another room. Turn off your internet, or make a very conscious effort to only go to sites that are going to help you in the next hour to achieve what you are setting out to do.

For one hour, you are going to work on something that has the potential to change your life.

That could be a chapter in the book you have wanted to write.

It could be an hour session of outreach to potential clients.

It could be even just reading that book that you don’t have time to read. (Books can be life changing, too.)

I’m using it right now to write this thing you’re reading.

It doesn’t matter what you do, just that it is going to get you closer to whatever you envision if your ultimate self.

We go through so much distraction in modern life, turning it off is a game changer. If you can focus in 2020, you are going to get whatever it is that you want, I can promise that. Focus is a fading ability - “multitasking” is the buzzword of the day.

Don’t multitask.

Focus for an entire hour on creating, building, sculpting, and reaching out to those that might be able to help you.

Take a 10 minute break, and then do it all over again.

See you in an hour.