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The Theory of Everything was Solved

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Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais

The theory of everything has been solved since the arrival of Jesus Christ on Earth 2024 years ago.

While modern science is focused on trying to find The Ultimate Truth (that is transcendent) we Christians have known for the last two millennia that the theory of everything is solved in Him, in God.

The Truth, the “real” reality is in the transcendent; the higher order values that we cannot touch or see or taste or smell. For our senses fail, they don’t allow us to “see” reality for that which it really is - and in trying to “observe” reality, we will never get any closer than these senses will allow.

I have difficulty trying to communicate in language this sentiment, because I believe that human language is obfuscated so as to keep people from the obvious truth that we all know intrinsically in our hearts.

You don’t come to God through the head, but through the heart, and only by faith that He is. You cannot “logic yourself” into God (though I so desperately did try to!) and have to at some point jump into the transcendent, the greater than “all this”, the non-observable.

I have not found a better way to live since my return to Christianity nearly a year ago. When trying to overcome sin as a non-believer, you attempt (and so often fail) at doing so because you believe that it is in your benefit to do so. And while it is, the Truth is that it is in your soul’s benefit to do so, it is for the benefit of all Mankind that you do so, for it allows you to begin to see Truth.

So while some would say that Christianity is a “good idea” as Jordan Peterson has so put it, I would posit that it is the only idea. It is the Truth that everything True comes from. You cannot know what “good” is without it. You cannot make moral decisions without it, you cannot live a life worth living without it.

That is a bold claim, I know.

But there is no other place to go: you either turn to The Truth, and choose to live in Him, or you see the Truth and turn back toward the lies.

And everything in the world is a lie.

Is is in this understanding that you could never treat someone as “lesser than” you, or “more than” you, for they, as you, are made in the image of God - and to disrespect this image would be to disrespect yourself and your Creator. That means that in understanding our truest potential, we are like Him - but we have all fallen away from that potential and can find it once more in Christ.

Christ is our highest potential, nothing we do on Earth that contradicts this or tries to go above this (impossible) will ever create more than Him. Not reaching toward “your truth” as pervasive as it is in our western culture, not seeking reprieve in any material thing or person. Not trying to be the best “you”.

In Christ there is no more “you” There is only Him.

In this understanding, there is no fear, there is no suffering that can harm us, for we know that He suffered for all of mankind, we know that He has taken the burden away from us, and that in being in Christ is the way toward Heaven and Eternal life.

It is then on each and every one of us to take up our cross and follow Him. And to help others with their crosses as we cross paths with them in the world.

The theory of everything is solved in God.

While the “New Age” will continue to try to re-invent God to serve them, we know that it is on us to serve Him, to be a soldier for Him, and to watch with anticipation and quiet hearts and minds with our eyes always on the goal of Heaven.

No scientific discovery or idea or “breakthrough” will ever deliver us from this Ultimate Truth.