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The work you do is your testimony

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Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais

Laziness takes a back seat when you start to see the work that you are called to do as your vocation, your calling, and your way of praising The Almighty.

For much of my adult life, I took no solace in the work that I was doing, no pride in that work - it was simply a way to make ends meet.

But - when your work becomes your testimony, your resounding cry and statement of who you are and what your life is meant to represent, then that work now becomes a piece of art.

In my recent turning to Christ, the beginning of this journey has shown me that every word that I write, every screw that is tightened, every word spoken, every line of code written, is my opportunity to praise God and to give thanks for the life that I am living.

It is a way to see that there is no disconnect, no separation in any aspect of this life from Him.

No matter how hard the world would try to have you believe there is a difference between “Church and state” - there never will be.

The Church is the state - it is the people. In misunderstanding this, we have only brought our society one step closer to the brink of collapse, for we think that nothing we do matters, that nothing we say is heard, and that nothing we create will ever last.  When the Church is disconnected from anything, we begin to think that the life we live is somehow “compartmentalized”, or “apart from” everything else.

Not so.

The way we live this life is our proof and declaration in faith.

That is the point of this life: to praise God in everything that we do, and to help others to see this undeniable Truth.

The work that you do is part of this remembering.

Remembering why you were put on this planet in this timeline, in this body of capability.

We are all meant to do something that reminds the world of God.

So - do the work that makes others see Christ in you and in eachother.

And understand that everything that we do matters more than we can ever know.