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The Ultimate Version of You

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Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais

If we explore Infinity: There is a highest and best version of you.

There is a version of you in the Multiverse that is the Ultimate You.

He does all of the right things:

He does not eat shit food. He does not watch mind numbing entertainment. He does not consume mindlessly. He does not skip workouts. He does not watch pornography. He produces. He creates. He is always positive. He does everything with deep and unquestionable passion. He has purpose. He puts himself out there, not caring what other people think. He looks to find the people that he can help and resonate with.

But more than this, he has found his purpose. He is everyday striving to build upon Himself and reach the purpose of this existence.

In the infinite nature of this universe, there is a path in which you can take, right here and now that pushes you in the direction of that Ultimate.

Why would you not move in that direction, every single day of your life?

I was sitting across from my friend yesterday and we were discussing this at length. We stated that there was a version of us that will leave that conversation and move forward to become the absolute best and highest version of ourselves - it can only be a choice.

It would only be a decision which we made in that moment to leave the conversation and BECOME Him.

Do you understand?

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