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Who Are You?

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Mindset Spirituality
Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais

Who are You?

Cowboy. Astronaut. Billionaire.

These are just titles.

When you introduce yourself to someone, what is the first question that is asked?

“What do you do?”

It is pervasive in our culture.

Most people will answer with something like “Accountant” or “I’m in IT”. But we miss the point almost entirely.

Every single time that we answer this quesiton is this way, we are pushing ourselves into a box, to indentify as this or that, to look successful in the eyes of others. When I was a younger man, out on the prowl, I was faced with this question all the time.

I never answered seriously, because it is a demeaning question.

“I’m the guy who puts the stickers on the apples” was my favourite reply.

Here’s the thing. I’m many things:
I’m a writer.

I’m a business owner.

I play guitar, I make videos.

I’m a podcaster.

I’m a programmer.

I’m a brother, a son, a friend.

I do this and that.

I am A Jack of All Trades, Master of Some.

To put me into a box of “real estate broker” or “blogger” is silly. Those are not my identities.

Everyone wants to identify as something these days -

You’ve either got to be on the left or the right.

You’re either a dog or a cat person.

You are a fan of this team or that team.

You run in this sort of race, fight that sort of battle.

Have you ever stopped to think that you could be so much more?

Maybe what you should do is be all that you are.

Stop placing yourself in these boxes that others have made for you.

I’m Josh.

Who are you?