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You are dying

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Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais

A thought crossed my mind today:

“If you knew someone was dying, how would you treat them?”

If you knew someone was on the final few days/weeks/months of their life, how would you act toward them?

Would you be more kind? Would you say the things that you should have said a long time ago? Would you call them to talk to them about nothing at all? Would you tell them that you love them? That you miss them? That they were the person you needed at that one moment in your life?

Now, consider that tomorrow is not guaranteed. Nothing is assured.

Nobody knows how much longer they have on Earth. Tomorrow could be the last day. Maybe even today.

You are dying.

You don’t know how much more time you will get. You could read this and walk out your front door and boom it could all be over. In an instant.

If you started to see each and every day as your last. You would do things very differently.

Extending this, if today was your friend, or your mother or father, or brother/sister’s last day, how would you treat them?

What I am saying is that each and ever single person around you could leave this Earth at any given moment.

Last year, I lost my aunt in a sudden accident. She was hit by a car, crossing the street to a class she’s been to hundreds of times before. I never got to say “goodbye” to her, I never got to have numerous conversations I wish I could have had with her.

You don’t know it, but each day could be the last you get. It could also be the last day of that person sitting across from you.

Why don’t you give them something to smile about? Or give them a laugh. Make their day.

Don’t make their situation worse off. Never leave someone worse than you found them, only better.

Life is short.

Stop waiting for some day and make that day today.