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Be Your Own Hero

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Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais

You can be your own Hero

We wait for salvation.

We wait for that person to come and save us from the plight that we have gotten ourselves into.

Time and time again, we hope for miracles. Looking outside ourselves for the answers to all of our problems. When this doesn’t work, we think that moving to a new place, or finding new people will satiate our issues.

This is a perpetual cycle of disappointment and endless searching.

As we look outward, the solutions lay within.

We waste our lives seeking answers that we have known all along.

We pray to higher powers, when those higher powers expect us to do the work that will bring us to our goals and dreams.

Regardless if you believe in God, or another powerful all seeing power, He still expects you to do what it takes to get yourself to your destination.

There is nobody coming to save you.

You are the person that decides what your life looks like, if you will achieve what you set out to achieve, or if you will fail.

Nobody and nothing else.

It is easy to bank on other people. I have done it before, and have been sorely disappointed every single time that I have. You decide that others can help you sail the ship (and they can, but they need a captain - You).

That means that you need to set an example with everything you do in your life.

Everything that you are is a manifestation of the choices that you make for yourself, and how you choose to roll with the punches of life.

If you are lazy, all those around you will be too.

If you are hard working and able to will your ideas and dreams into existence, you will find the people around you will be inspired to do the same.

Your friends, family, and all those that you touch will be guided by your light.

There are so few saviours alive today, and you can be one of them. Instead of looking for someone else to save you, you save yourself, and then all those around you. That is a beautiful notion.

You have to get your hands dirty to find salvation.

You can’t sit on them, or only put them together and pray. After you finish praying, get down to work.

I have a friend that believes that God gave him signs for his career path and success. However - he took the reins, and jumped on the opportunities that were presented. He didn’t sit idly by as these signs kept coming to him. He may have had external direction, but he and he alone determined the success he found.

And that is awesome.

Nothing works unless you do.

Nothing materializes from nothingness.

You have to put the blood and sweat and tears into whatever it is that you wish to become.