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The Middle

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Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais

It is apparent to me that truth almost always falls somewhere between the extremes.

When there is emotional arguments from either side, the reality is that of the centrist.

The rational observer, the thinker and the doer.

When we are told X or Z, the truth probably falls around Y.

But, it takes much fortitude and internal understanding to realize this.

We are being manipulated.

By all sides.

The only way to truly know something is to have done it. To have put the time in. To have studied all different conclusions and to have come to your own.

The biggest questions of our time can be answered by this unwavering desire to get to the truth.

Not through science. Not through religion. Not through anything external to ourselves.

But from within.

Science has brought much good, we can see what great advancements technology has given us. But, we also see that we have been led astray by the ‘science of the day’. It was not too long ago that sugar was accepted and fat was the enemy. Things are in continual flux. The only way to know what actually works… is to do it yourself. To experiment, to find what makes you better or worse. And then to adopt that into your life.

To say I’m scientific would be a misnomer, I believe in science, but I also see it’s failings, and the fact that many of us in our ‘God is dead’ socieities fall back on science as the religion of the day.

Same with religion. I believe in a higher power because I believe it is within each and everyone of us. But to call myself religious would be a misnomer, look at all the things religion has caused people to do to their neighbors in the past, and even today.

I believe there is more out there, there has to be in a universe of unfathomable size and complexity (yet such simplicity, too.)

Everything is an oxymoron, everything is right and wrong, everything is good and bad.

To say yes to something is to say no to another, to say no is to say yes to another.

So in the modern day hysteria, think.

Because thinking is the greatest sword, the greatest shield. It’s what people that don’t have your interests in mind wouldn’t want you to do. So you should do more of it.

The world is not binary. There are no 1’s or 0’s. There are 0.153’s. There are 0.92’s.

You do get do-overs. You get to make mistakes and then be successful tomorrow. You also get to be successful today and fail tomorrow.

Does that make you a failure? Does that make you a success?

It makes you, you.