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Coffee Creative Juice

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Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais

This is going to sound so simple that most of you will discount it entirely:

I only allow myself to drink coffee when I am at my desk or in front of a keyboard doing creative, needle moving work.

Crazy, I know.

But the thing is that the context surrounding a cup of coffee now Pavlov’s me into writing, coding, and producing.

You wouldn’t believe that a simple constraint such as this would mean a 10x change in my production, but you would be wrong. I noticed this years ago and didn’t connect the dots. But one of the most intense changes you can make with your work is the context in which you do that work.

So, try this for a few weeks:

The only time you will allow yourself to drink coffee (or smoke a cig, or do a microdose, heh) is when you are doing creative, productive work. Do not consume these things when you’re doing admin, reading, or anything else.

These are now your ’triggers’ to a world of Output.

“But Josh what about going out for coffee with friends??”

Drink something else.

Coffee is now your rocket fuel for production.

See how you classically condition yourself to put more out into the Universe.

You’re welcome.