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The Matrix Renders Your Perception

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Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais

If you’ve played video games before you know about render distance: where your character is in one part of the world, but in order to save on compute, the rest of the world is not rendered, it may be in shadow, in fog, or whatever the developers have chosen for the particular game.

Elon Musk tweet about the matrix

Likewise, in life your perception is the limitation of the Matrix around you. You can completely alter your life by curating your inputs and ruthlessly deciding on what you will and will not allow into your life.

If you do not read the news, it is not happening.

If you do not associate with a person, do they actually exist?

There’s a war going on? There’s a sports game? Someone died? There’s some new technology?

None of it matters if you decide it does not matter.

You will have people give you their opinion on how the world works, on how you ‘should’ feel this way or that way, or that you should care about X cause or Y event. Most will tell you that depression is real. That outer space is somehow relevant. That some guy was killed and now everyone is marching in the streets.

If you are not careful, people will tell you what to think. And they will be all too happy to do it.

These things are not rendered for me. They never will be.

Most allow the media, the news, the latest and greatest to speak to reality the circumstances and situation in which they live.

Most allowed the 2020 pandemic to be a reality - although there was a choice to not even recognize it at all. There are stories of people that walked into restaurants and venues not knowing at all what was going on - simply to be greeted with “please put on your mask and show your vaccine card”

Imagine replying with “vaccinated for what? Mask for what?”

Do you understand the power that this holds? Your REALITY IS WHAT YOU DECIDE IT TO BE

There is no war in Ukraine.

There is no global economic meltdown.

You won’t eat the bugs. You won’t own nothing.

There is nothing beyond what you allow into your life’s perception.

And you will LAUGH at people that try to tell you that your life is ‘selfish’ or that you are ‘uneducated’ or this or that.

You’re afraid of these people?

These people don’t exist in my timeline.

They are not present on my plane of existence.

Do you understand?

There is an influx of ‘mindset’ coaches these days. The funniest part is most of them will talk all day about politics or how bad the world is, and how you need to know all of this shit. This post will get you further than 100 hours with these buffoons. These people do not have control over their own minds yet are trying to teach you how to have a better mindset? Ha.

With this, you could be free in a prison cell. You could be the most attractive person even if your face is lacking perfect symmetry. You could be the main character in your life.

So, the next time that someone tells you that you should care about the ’latest cause’ - ask them why you would care about something that doesn’t even exist in your reality. You are the news. You are the latest and greatest. There is nothing that you could care about in the world that is not within the rendering of your perception.

But Josh, these people could hurt me!

You do not understand who and what you are if you believe this. Maybe one day you will know.

Brute De Force dropping knowledge

PS: I know a lot of you will get mad in the DMs or comments. You clearly didn’t read and internalize this post.