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Am I Creating or Consuming?

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Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais

Perhaps the greatest change in my life came from when I simply asked myself “am I creating, or am I consuming?”

Once I began asking this question, I started to observe my activities from a 5,000 foot view.

This automatically led to making better decisions for my day to day operations (and that is all that we really can control, right?) When I found myself mindlessly scrolling, I paused, and observed what I was doing.

Viscerally, I would shame myself for the waste of time that I was incurring, when I could have been creating something, writing, coding, making a video, spending time with the people that I love.

Try this for a week: ask yourself this simple question on a moment by moment basis.

You will see what you are actually doing with your time.

You observe as well as participate, rather than mindlessly doing things in your life.

I wrote something before about playing the Ultimate Character of your life.

You get to decide moment to moment what the best You would be doing, where he would be, what his job, his health, his family, his financials, would look like.

Observe what you are doing moment to moment.

Ask yourself if that is what the highest version of You would be doing.

If it is, continue, you are on the path.

If it is not - decide to stop and evaluate what other activities you could be doing that would better serve your Higher Purpose.

Are you creating or consuming?

Ask the question and change your life.