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Get out of the Box

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Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais

Inevitably people will try to pin me into this box or that box due to the content of my videos and writing. That is fine - what others think of me is none of my business.

On certain topics I will get called “right wing” or perhaps even “fascist”. On others, “left wing”.

I don’t affiliate with either side. I have in the past ran the Gambit between both, but as a 30 year old man, there is no appeal to any of this any more. I have better things to do with my time than vote or attend rallies (LOL)

I have freed myself from the chains of the retarded shindig that we call politics - I am politically homeless, and will remain so for the rest of time.

I am not in a box.

I am outside the box, looking in.

The game is one I refuse to play: I have no duty nor care to the clown show that is modern “Conservativism” or “Liberalism”. Both sides are equally stupid - and once enough of us realize as such, the real problems can get dealt with. I ain’t got time for the sugar coated, five-year-old version of what is going on in our world.

We will perhaps discuss this at a later time.

I thought for but a moment that the solution was libertarianism. I was wrong. That ideology is DOA simply because it’s many sects cannot agree upon what ’libertarianism’ even is. LOLbertarianism, indeed.

No ism will save you.

If you paint yourself with an -ism then I want no part of any conversation with you.

Because you are a predictable human being. I will give you every one of your talking points before you need even open your mouth. You are a non-thinking entity, there is nothing you and I can converse about.

Go listen to another podcast from your political commentator of choice.

I can tell you exactly how any conservative will talk about “libtards” and I can tell you exactly how those liberals will talk about “cuckservatives”. They are two sides of the same coin. It’s all so exhausting.

And yet, people will gladly play the same game for all time.

None even get close to questioning the pendulum that keeps swinging back and forth to knock them unconscious one election, and then beat them down once again come the next cycle.

Nothing changes, because the ’leaders’ are nearly identical on both sides.

They’re both less intelligent than you or I. And yet - people idolize them, they vote for them, they cry when their side loses, and cheer with gloating when they win.

But you didn’t win, you just consented to your own slavery, you fucking idiot.

Democracy is consent to tyranny.

Because in “times of crisis” all the rules go out the window and power is seized regardless of the party being blue or red. We have seen this clear as day. You simply voted for it.

The box is the same. There’s a divider in it, but it’s all the same box.

Are you beginning to understand?

The box is a distraction from those outside the box that pull the Strings and have us watch one hand while the other does the dirty work.

Classic misdirection.

Before you call me a conspiracy theorist, do some digging for yourself. Do a little digging into why certain wars were fought, why policies are what they are despite the supposed underlying ideology of the party in power. Research monetary and economic policy, the extremes of both sides (Marxism and Fascism), and perhaps even delve into some of the conspiracies of old that ended up being absolute truths.

History is written by the victor.

Before long, you start to become aware of the lie that we are living every single time we go to the polls.

They are worried about ’threats to our democracy’ because ‘democracy’ isn’t actually serving the people - it is serving a select few.

Democracy will always lead to fascism, because power must be exerted in order to get anything done - if you simply reverse the decisions of the previous administration, you will be spinning your wheels and get absolutely nowhere. You must continue to become more extreme as time goes on. The left will institute public healthcare, the right will strip it away. The right will ease gun restrictions, the left will re impose them, and with more fervor this time around so as to make it seem like they’re making “progress”.

This spirals continually as we progress in a “democratic society”.

Sure, the early years provide the people with mostly what they voted for, but half a century later, that society is fundamentally and forever altered in ways that nobody asked for.

Couple this with the average intelligence and understanding of the average voter and you have a system ripe for the picking.

Most people vote based on emotional tugging, rather than any sense of rational thought. Consider our latest Canadian election: the conservative party has all but copied the homework of the liberal party, yet people wanted to vote “blue” simply because it would be a quote “conservative in power.”

It’s the same fucking policy, wrapped in a blue bow instead of red, yet they think it’s a better option.


“At least it’s not this guy!” Seems to be the battle cry of the person that votes for the non-incumbant, and around and around we go.

Politics is nothing but entertainment for adults.

It gives people with no control over their lives at least the facade that they are in control one time every four years.

It strips hours away from you every day if you are actually ‘involved’ and following the day to day. “What did Trump say today!?” Fuck off.

I remember in 2016 caring so tremendously about the US election, and 4 years later, nothing had changed except my growing sentiment that we are all being lied to.

Get out of the box.

Save yourself.