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The Universe is a Mirror

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Mindset Spirituality
Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais

Change your perception, change your life. The World is a Mirror of your inner self.

Your life is a reflection of your inner consciousness: whether you view things positively or negatively directly impacts upon your internalization of the place in which you live, the people you associate with and cross paths with, your efforts, your successes, your failures - everything. The Universe conspires to give you exactly what you need, what you ask for subconsciously. What if you asked consciously?

I know that this sounds as if it is ‘New Age’ or ‘woo-woo’.

However, with more knowledge of the nature of consciousness, with progressions in theoretical and quantum physics, the truth is becoming that you are an active observer of the Universe. You are the maker, the Creator. Some would say that you are God. The Theory of Everything will tie all states of matter, non-matter, consciousness, and God together - of this I am fully, undoubtedly convinced.

It is a direct affront to the materialist worldview of the Universe - I have dropped all of these sentiments in favour of Metaphysical Idealism.

The energy in which you put out into the Universe comes back.

If you are constantly looking for the positive side of things, you will get the positive. If you see the darkness, you will get the darkness. Things will conspire to help you or hinder you based upon your level of consciousness and your outlook on all things, all people - everything - around you.

Begin to see all as yourself, and you will be on the path.

I want you to try a simple experiment: When you are out and about, look people in the eyes as if they are yourself. Look at everyone as if they are just a part of your very being. Come back to me with the results - I bet you will be blown away at the ‘knowing’ smiles you get, the deep eye contact, the love that you will feel deep in your heart.

Personally, this practice has been completely life altering.

Things just ‘Are’. You are the One that places meaning on the happenings.

All energy is neither created nor destroyed, it simply changes from one form or energy to another.

Therefore, there is no ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ - there just Is. From there, you define all that occurs with labels that have been programmed into you since your birth. As a father, it is paramount that I am cognizant of the level of power I hold in shaping the worldview of my child. I can be a catalyst in pushing her to believe she is entirely capable of anything, or the roadblock in her way. From a young age, my parents instilled a sense of leadership, a sense of possibility - it has helped to shape me into a man that you are reading the words of on this very page. I do not discount other environmental factors, but parents can create worldviews that have lasting impact.

Your parents, your teachers, your friends, everyone - have built a sphere around you that places these definitions on all of your life. You unconsciously attribute the previous experiences that you have had onto every event, circumstance, and challenge that you encounter.

I look back at my life. In my earlier adulthood, I had a tremendously positive outlook on the world around me.

I remember I could see everyone’s potential, I was focused on improvement, on the things that I could control. The world around me reflected this intention, this positivity. The people in my life did, too. It was as if all those that I met conspired to help me, to light my fire.

For a few years in my mid 20’s I saw myself go down the negative path.

I saw people in a darker light. I felt the bad in the world - whether that be from reading the news, or from frequenting places in which my viewpoint was shifted about women, or society, or the ‘stupidity’ of people. My life was not better for this - it made everything around me feel darker. The thing is that I believe the vast majority of people view life in this regard. They may have been positive and happy people at one point, but they became jaded. They have a learned sense of despair. 2020 for many people was a catapult into this darker world.

Talk to anyone - you will within a minute understand their outlook on this life. You need even not talk to most people - the story is in their eyes. A person’s outlook on life is in their eyes.

The difficulty is in coming back; In moving from the darkness to the light. Many people never shift away from the dark - they revel in it, they desire the worst for others instead of the best. They view everything as ‘happening to them’ rather than ‘happening FOR them’. They believe there is no control. That they are a leaf in the wind. A person that is not destined to do the things that matter. And, they would be correct, for the Universe is a reflection of our inner thoughts, feelings, and level of consciousness.

However - we are all meant to shift the Universe. Each and every single one of us is meant to leave a mark, in our own way, on those we meet, on the things that are within our control. How much power is in that sentiment?

I began working toward the positive once more. It took a few years, but I feel as if I am on the presipice once again, a life that I am absolutely grateful, lit on fire everyday. A belief I deeply hold is that we can truly live in bliss if we so choose. Take a gram or two of psilocybin: that feeling is replicable every minute of your life. Aim for that target. Let it be your compass.

Imagine what your life could be if you were passionate about life. Imagine what you would do if your believed you could not fail. Imagine what could be accomplished in dozens of lifetimes. All of this is possible when you come to grips with who you are. When you understand that the world is a mirror.

What does your reflection look like?