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Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais


Build the glider on the way down the mountain.

The most vital part of your life, of your success, of your everything - is that jump.

You cannot fly without it. You cannot fall without it. But you must take it.

Because life is all about that jump.

It is all about taking the risk to be seen as a faller rather than a flyer.

As the immortal Woody said - “That wasn’t flying, that was falling - with style!”

The realization we all come to at one point or another is that nobody truly knows what they are doing in this life, they make calculated decisions, sometimes that pan out, sometimes they don’t. But - the single theme remains that they all took the leap.

They started. They looked at the world and said “this is missing from it” and they created it.

The greatest writers, the greatest business people, the greatest actors and athletes, the scientists, the people that were told by everyone around them that they wouldn’t ammount to much.

They were the ones that were not afraid of the jump - of the subsequent falling and flying that came with it.

And you should not be, either.

A consistent thought has ricochet through my mind since it was first present: “Life is about putting yourself out there as much as possible.”

You cannot control what others think of you or your efforts. You cannot control their response to what you put out there. You cannot control if they will come, but it you build it, they might.

You may have to put 200 resumes out there to get that job.

You may have to talk to 500 people about funding.

You may have to take on and lose dozens of clients.

You may have to make thousands of introductions.

You may have to lose thousands of dollars learning (but if you learnt, was it really a loss?)

You may have to give up some of the comforts that you have become so accustom to.

You may have to take a paycut in order to get a massive pay raise.

But, if you have done so, you will see.

That taking the jump was worth it - is always worth it.

Because you either fly, or you fall.

But if you fall, all you have to do is get up, walk up to that cliff, and jump again - this time with the knowledge you acquired from the last fall - and you will fly.

Jump with me.