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Voting is Stupid

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Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais

Politics (and the following of what’s going on in the world) have been the biggest time sinks of my adult life.

In quitting video games and watching television, that vacuum was filled with the political gotchas and commentary that helped me to burn much of my 20’s. First, it was the 2016 election of Donald Trump and the American going-ons. Then it was the constant gleaning of “experts” and “pundits” about what X meant; what X was going to do; why this was bad, why this was good.

I quit trading global financial markets because I didn’t want the noise in my life anymore.

If you want a complete synopsis of what politcs are, look no further than the recent Canadian election:

We saw that literally nothing changed from the previous election of 2019.

Hundreds of millions of dollars were spent (that could have bought how many ICU beds during a pandemic). This money went into stroking the egos of those that were involved, to plaster their names across the country in hopes that you would put an “X” next to that same name on a piece of paper that took far too much of your day to mark.

You’ve been duped. You’ve been led to care about something that will never matter in your life of the life of your family.

Want to save perhaps a years of your life (in some people’s cases, they could save a decade of time)?

Never walk into a polling station again. Never follow the news again. Never state your political opinion. Never be found campaigning for a side. And for God’s sake, stop losing friends over their political opinions.

Take that time and do something meaningful with the days that you’re given.

Here’s some futher reasons why Political inclinations are bullshit:

Voting is rule by the Majority

The majority of people aren’t doing well. They are overweight, poor, and stupid.

So, in your right mind, would you want to be ruled by someone that cannot even take care of themselves?

Remember voting for “class president” in high school? The political stage in your adulthood is no different. It is a polularity contest.

People Hope Politicians Will Save Them

The fact of the matter is that political posturing is simply looking for someone outside of yourself to improve your position in life. This is never going to happen.

The government is a slow moving, obese entity that says it will do one thing, and the next minute, it is something else. But nothing much changes in your life. Focus on your own health, money, and family. You’ll be far better off for it.

Politicians are Corrupt, Liars, and Thieves

Most politicians are in their positions simply because they desire to further their own personal agendas, pad their own bank accounts, and push people around that they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do so in other career paths. These people aren’t particularly intelligent, either.

If you expect a snake to be a snake, you will not be amazed and caught off guard when the snake does what is in its nature.

The same goes for politicians.

If you want Change, the Only way is Through Business, Technology, and the Self

Couple this with point #2. Technology moves far faster than any government can, and it will always be far ahead of any regulation. Even if they wanted to regulate it, they would fail misterably because of point #3.

The inevitable “Us Vs. Them” Paradigm

At the core of politics is a “team”. It is a fulfilment of the basic desire to belong. When you are red or blue, you are part of a team, and that team can do no wrong. Futhermore, those that are on the other team are the “enemy”.

It’s enough to have these viewpoints at a sports match. Where you can simply walk out of the arena and be friends with the guy who cheered for the other team.

It’s quite another thing when you live, breathe, and in some cases, die, for the political beliefs of “The Party”. People lose friends because of who they voted for. They lose family members because they cannot see eye to eye in their political ideologies. They get into fights, they storm capital buildings and get shot, they kill others in the name of their party.

There are No Parties that Perfectly Espouse Your Being

If there are, you are simply an NPC.

The human is a complex being - and defining yourself as a “Liberal” or a “Conservative” is a basterdization of who you are. You are predefining yourself as someone that generally acts and feels and thinks a certain way; much to the detriment of your own growth and personal happiness.

Most people that define themselves as Liberals want others to see them as kind hearted. Those that define themselves as Conservatives, as fiscally responsible.

Guess what? Both “The Right” and “The Left” are two sides of the same coin.

Stop painting yourself into a box. Get out of the fucking box.

Democracy is a False Idol

Read Democracy: The God That Failed if you want further explanation on this. Simply put, you are doing nothing when you vote. In many ways, you are slowing building a facist system - that’s what Democracies inevitably devolve into.

Rule by the retarded.

The Matrix is real. It is a web of lies we’re trapped in. The Big Lie is ’representative democracy’ and it is important to the plutocrats that voters believe they influence policy despite there being no evidence* that this is the case. No matter what the average person votes for, all we ever get is what rich people want. The top 10% have reason to still believe that ’democracy’ is real because they still get what they vote for. As an added bonus, when the serfs get pissed that the world is such a clusterfuck, plutocrats get to say ’its your fault, you voted for this’ which is expert level gaslighting.