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Three Reasons You are Anxious

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Mindset Health
Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais
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There are 3 reasons you are anxious all the time:

1. Desynchronisity with nature

Most human beings are living completely apart from what nature has intended for us. They do not move, they eat garbage, they don’t sleep well, they are effectively doing everything they possibly can to live a non-natural life.

Fortunately, this is the easiest reason for anxiety to tackle - it is the most surface level.

All you have to do is live as a human being would:

Get sunlight and fresh air. Exercise. MOVE. Eat well (and fuck off with the plant based meats and lab grown shit). Stop WATCHING PORN AND JERKING OFF. Drink enough water. Sleep. Limit alcohol and drug intake.

Give yourself a month of living clean, green, and mean like this, and I guarantee you will find your are more at peace with the world and yourself.

PS: If any psychiatrist prescribes you medication before first trying to tackle these surface level issues - he is a quack and should have his license revoked.

2. Future orientation

The second reason you are anxious all of the time is that you are orientating yourself with the future. You are looking to what tomorrow brings, instead of living in the here and now. This by definition is non-living - it is daydreaming.


You are here in this moment, and that is all that you can be. You can affect things in there HERE and NOW. All other time and place need not matter.

You cannot control many things in this life, and the future is one of them. You may not even be here tomorrow. So, live in the here and now.

3. Living in non-accordance with your path

This is the higher metaphysical reason that you are anxious.

Only you know what your path is. Only you know what you should be doing at any given moment in time and where you should be. Your inner voice, God, the Universe, whatever you may call it - has told you what your path is. If you have not been told, you need to have that conversation.

Sit with yourself and ASK who you are supposed to be.

This may be that you are living in a place that you do not want to be living, or are surrounded by people you do not want to be surrounded by. Maybe you are doing work that you don’t find any passion behind. Or you find no happiness in the society that we are all living within. Perhaps you are a prisoner of the mind, unfree.

I will say that most people I come across are DEAD IN THE EYES. I know that this is the grandiose reason in which most people have feelings of existential dread. Work for money instead of purpose and value creation and you will be DEAD IN THE EYES.

It’s why that executive with the high paying job jumps out the 25th storey at 52 years old. It’s why the celebrity hangs himself.


Live no longer without purpose.

You know there is a road that you must take.

Every single time that you step off of that road, every single time that you try to take a backroad or shortcut, you are anxious.

This is because you KNOW WHERE YOU SHOULD BE.


Start fucking doing it.