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Why I Wear a Broken Watch

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Life Mindset
Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais

Here’s why I wear a ’broken’ watch.

This watch is right two times per day and In the spirit of the date that that watch symbolizes, I figured I would do a quick piece on why I wear it.

The time on the watch reads 9:43, the date being the 9th, and the GMT hand represents the month, set at 11: November.

On this is the day 9 years ago, on the top of a mountain, I sat in agony - my legs no longer working. I had just broken my back in 5 places, a paraplegic but didn’t know it.

That’s the day my life changed forever, but also the day that I was reborn. I look at my watch wherever I am, whatever I am doing, and remember where I was at that point on the timeline of my life. A twenty year old kid that thought he was invincible, and then life slaps you across the face.

It’s the day that fills me with gratitude, because had I not had that day, I would not be who I am.

It reminds me that time is running out.

That time is what we make it.

That there will always be less of it, there is a finite amount that we each get as human beings, and to waste any of it is an affront to the God that put us on Earth.

But it also reminds me to pause. To look at the beauty that this life is.

And, whenever someone asks me what time it is, I look down at my wrist, smile inside, and reply with “it is right now”.

Because - That is all that we have.