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Win the Now

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Mindset Life
Joshua Blais
Joshua Blais

You are only ever going to have the current moment to change your life and ways. There is no opportunity outside of the here and now to do so.

When you look at your life, it is simply a culmination of the choices up until this moment that you have made. All other measurements are time frames that do not make sense to a human being that lives in the Here and Now.

Do not get it twisted, the only opportunity you have is Now.

So, what does your day look like up until right now? Did you sleep in, dreading waking up to get your day underway? Or - did you leap out of bed with excitement at the prospect of a new day ahead, a new opportunity, a new life?

Did you skip the gym, saying ’tomorrow I will get there’, or did you go, regardless of your inner feelings and thoughts, and get your body moving anyway, no matter how ’tired’ or ’sore’ your mind is telling you that you are?

Did you start to work on your business that you said you were going to work on 6 months ago today, or did you again wait until tomorrow? Did you start writing that book you want to write? Did you spend time with those that you love? Did you waste time on things that are out of your control?

None of that matters. You can change right NOW and begin on a trajectory toward the Ultimate Version of Yourself

All you are able to do is in this very moment.

On a minute by minute basis we determine the quality of the life that we will live. So many are guided by the inner feelings they have, they ’are’ sad, therefore they ’cannot’ do the things that they actually need to do.

These are the things that we all need to do in order to ’feel better’. The reason you feel bad is because you are not doing the things that you don’t feel like doing. Understand?

This is the truth of our existence.

We don’t always ’feel’ like doing things - but we have to do them in order to feel that we have moved forward. This becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The more that you do even though you don’t ’feel like doing it’ the better your life will be - I guarantee this.

Lose the Now - you’ll continue to be exactly where you are.

Win the Now, and you begin to win your life.